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ClientCheil Industries
ServiceVerbal Creative,China Branding

Cheil Industries Inc had to come up with a solution, a SPA brand development at the domestic market to fight against vehemently competing foreign brand forays such as Zara, H&M, Uniqlo. The project, which demanded the profound understanding of consumers, set off for developing the concept “season trend developer” as SPA brand, with the deep consideration of domestic and potential overseas market including China.

The final choice was ‘8seconds’, which connotes the 8 seconds, the time to take for the first two strangers to start to feel attractive and familiar. The brandname was coined to arouse on-the-spot sense to the lively fast fashion trend. With this brand’s first launching at 2013, the company saw revenues double to 130 billion won, which secured place as top local SPA brand. So far it has been positioned as new growth engine brand and competed effectively with foreign brands.