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ClientLG U+

The design developed as time goes _ LG U+ Visual Identity System Development



In 2010, Metabranding developed LG U+’s identity design based on cube concept. At that time, which was the initial stage of brand launching, all of the communication activities were focused on advertisement of the corporate brand. Therefore, the visual identity system was developed highly dependent with brand logo.

Afterwards, LG U+ accumulated high brand awareness during 7 years and it came with the issue to reflect the current corporate vision and brand value on the visual identity system. LG U+ found Metabranding again to develop the new visual identity system for it.



The requirement was to change visual identity system only while remain the original logo. So the 2 biggest issues were to keep the consistency between brand logo & visual identity system while establish the new brand value and functional benefit.

Finally Metabranding proposed ‘Cube Bar’ concept, which is the upgrade concept of ‘Cube’. Because the shape of Bar is pretty easy to expand and connect, so it is able to better apply with various applications. In addition, the shape of Bar was used to express the corporate value, which are trust, humanism and belonging.

The developed visual identity system was newly applied to all of original field productions. Furthermore, Metabranding also established design policy for the new visual identity system, it was established under the consideration of special cases and is possible to applied consistently in any condition.

In generally, people frequently regard visual identity system less important than brand identity. In fact, no matter how brand identity is well-developed, the brand value is still hard to be delivered to customers if it failed to applied properly on the scene. So it was a great experience for Metabranding to think over the importance of visual identity system again through this project. 


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