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Once In a Moon

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The Beauty for heath & The beauty caring for women_ Once In A Moon



Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) is the best known and highly trustworthy company in Korea with health functional food as well as cosmetics brands. The health functional food brands are famous for Jeong-Gwanjang, Goodbase, DONGINBI etc. The trustworthy brand image probably came from the public influence of the title ‘Ginseng Corporation’


However, this kind of company also came up against the challenge. Most of the current brands are targeting the middle age consumers, while it shorts of the brand portfolio to response the 20 generation, which is the potential consumers in the future.


Therefore, KGC determined to create a new brand target on the 20 generation of lalavla users (used to be Watsons, the health & beauty distribution channel under KGC)


This holistic branding works started from brand concept, naming, design to the IMC strategy and management after brand launching.




The new brand is an ‘only for woman brand’, takes care of women’s PMS once a month and focuses on women’s circle and rhythm.


To develop the concept of the new brand, a study of 20 generation came first. Various interviews, as well as the field trips, were planned to acquire different perspectives on products & concept in both domestic and global market (Singapore, Japan)


After 2 months of searching and concept development, the new brand’s concept was ultimately decided as Rhythmical Beauty. It was determined under the following criteria; The corporate relevance, Industry & target adequacy, target differentiation, product extensibility etc.


Externally, the new brand is extremely unique within the market since there are no other brands with similar concept currently. Internally, it is relevant to Hwaaerak, Jeong-Gwanjang’s climacteric caring brand. Which means, as the new brand launches, KGC will be able to care for women’s whole life.


The brand name (Once in a Moon) and package took use of the ‘moon’ motif. ‘Moon’ was used to express women’s D day in a smooth and emotional way. Also, it conveyed ‘caring for healthy beauty’ through brand story.


In terms of IMC planning works after brand launching, the effective cooperation & communication with partners & client was the most essential part. The brand communication specialized partners included VMD, PR, Homepage making, photography etc.


Finally, we produced the media kit, uploaded on redhair_enne (webtoon author’s Instagram), did the promotion events with Pink Diary (physiological cycle application) and Happy Moonday (sanitary towel brand), Planned VMD in lalavla (H&B store).


Once in a Moon finally launched last month in lalavla (H&B store). We hope it could understand women’s needs, care for their healthy beauty and be the real solution for women’s D day.



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