Meta Communiting
  • The Annual Meta Communiting as big sizable seminar has been hosted by Metabranding since the year 2002. Each seminar for the year has put the number of the participants at more than 1,000. The invitees as speech lecturers consist of professors, CEOs, market professionals, and designers whose reputations prevail over in their own field.. The lecturers share useful and insightful information on trend issues and branding views.
    The audience of this yearly branding festival comes
  • from walks of the life such as students, marketers, designers, trend followers. They are partaking in sharing brand knowledge and emotional aspirations. This seminar-cum festival (an unique musical group is picked up to perform annually!) is a fair to share knowledge and to prepare for the future.
    Metabranding is spearheading the Web 2.0 spirit to open and learn with the determination to adopt and share the innovative ideas. We promise to usher in trend issues and to diffuse the culture